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Pua Kumbu : Buah Sago Alo

Pua Kumbu : Buah Sago Alo

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The Tree of Riches : by Mula Ak Jama

This tree used to belong to the Ambung Mua, King of Heaven, and was heavily adorned with jewels and gold. Another god, Mabong, stole the tree and planted it in his own country Pangau Libau which subsequently became known as the richest country.

In this pua kumbu, there are guards protecting the buah sago alo so that noone can steal the fruits off the tree.

 This pua kumbu symbolises riches and is hung on the wall of the home to attract wealth.

Cotton, with natural dyes of engkudu (morinda citrifolia) and tarum (marsdenia tinctorial).


Dimensions: 109cm x 245 cm

Weight: 840g 

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