Textile traditions are fiercely guarded by the artisans of Tanoti as they commit to practising indigenous techniques the purist way, producing fabrics in the same methods as was handed down from generation to generation.

Since 2012, Tanoti has been pursuing heritage craft preservation, women empowerment and rural community building. Operating from its base in Sarawak, Malaysia, this Malaysian-accredited social enterprise engages with 500 indigenous artisans across 25 village settlements and representing 7 of the 30 ethnic groups of the land.

How wonderful is it that our land is so diverse in nature and people can birth the gift of culture – the one gift that can outlive any being : wild or tamed.
– Jacqueline Fong, Founder

  • Textiles

    Custom fabrics, produced by hand by the artisan weavers of Tanoti in Sarawak, Malaysia.
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  • Crafts

    Objects of beauty and soul, each made lovingly by Tanoti's community of artisans.
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  • Community

    Tanoti remains sensitive towards the issues surrounding the community around us, and when circumstances require, we will always try to extend support as much as we can.
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  • Food

    Bringing you an array of specially selected foodstuffs while also supporting and showcasing local homemakers and homegrown brands in our community.
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  • Special Projects

    At Tanoti, we see ourselves as advocates for crafts. As co-producer of the Hasanah Gold Threads Awards, our objective is to celebrate excellence in Malaysia's heritage textiles and encourage sustained growth in this sector.
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  • Tanoti NFTs

    Tanoti's NFT project which was set in our efforts to ensure that the crafts production using ancestral tehniques will sustain.
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Songket Textiles

Handwoven Songket Textiles

Handwoven Songket Textiles

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