We would like to see that traditional Sarawakian craft survives this generation; so that the next generation will be able to reap enjoyment of, and benefit from, the craft of their forefathers.


For whatever remnants of artisanal skills which remain with us today, these are to be nurtured and progressed so that craft shall have the opportunity to thrive again.

  • For rural and remote villagers to be activated by craft, and skills within these communities be monetised.
  • For viable careers to be developed and vibrant ecosystems to be established around heritage craft.
  • For the local craft industry to have the opportunity to contribute to the economy and to international trade.

Our Story

Tanoti Sdn Bhd is a congregation of Sarawakian women weavers and artisans dedicated towards the production, promotion and proliferation of hand-crafted fabrics. This continuously-growing community of craftswomen had its origins in a research and development workshop set up by a foundation established by Her Royal Highness the Queen of Malaysia in 2008, the Yayasan Tuanku Nur Zahirah.

The workshop was privatised in 2012 pursuant to a restructuring exercise undertaken by the foundation. Tanoti aims to make good the vision of the foundation, that is to improve lives and livelihoods of womenfolk and rural communities through the ancient art of songket weaving.

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  • Tanoti’s logo embraces our core value, of doing the best work we can in honouring the purity of craftsmanship of our ancestors. The gold and silver are hallmark colours deployed onto fabric, expressed as crossed arcs facing each other. By our logo, we mean that whatever you see in the front of the cloth, the same beauty is experienced on its back

Atelier History


Assumed the songket weaving workshop of the former Queen of Malaysia, with 13 artisans.


First collaboration with UNIMAS to develop the basketry craft of Long Lamai. Coilings, a product from this project, was recipient of the World Craft Council Award of Excellence in Handicraft 2016


Extended reach with remote communities through collaboration with WWF-Malaysia, undertaking our Penan craft development initiative on 18 Penan villages in the Kubaan Puak area. In 2019, these Kubaan Puak settlements were acknowledged as an Emerging Craft Community For Basketry Craft by the State Government.


Engaged with further remote villages to develop their crafts potential and access further markets.


Commenced export of craft products to Europe (Germany) and USA


Accredited as a Social Enterprise by Ministry of Entrepreneur Development Malaysia, and approved by Ministry of Finance Malaysia.


To date, Tanoti works with 505 artisans residing in 25 communities across Sarawak.

The Tanoti Community

The Tanoti community stands rooted in our pursuit of heritage preservation, women empowerment and rural community building. From our core team at Tanoti House to all our partners in the various communities across our work areas, we share a common mission – which is to ensure that traditional methods continue to thrive and their owners be continuously empowered to elevate their lives with these ancestral knowledge and skills.

Impact Area

Kuching · Ulu Tutoh · Ulu Baram
Belaga · Ulu Kapit · Mukah
Jagoi · Samarahan · Lundu
Serian · Asajaya · Padawan · Bako