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Pua Kumbu : Perigi Ini Andan

Pua Kumbu : Perigi Ini Andan

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By Niah Ak Tubai from Rumah Gare, Ulu Kapit, Sarawak.


"Ini Andan's Watering Hole"

Handwoven ikat silk on backstrap loom, using natural dyes of engkudu (morinda citrifolio) and tarum (marsdenia tinctorial).

Ini Andan is the Sky Goddess, who's full name is as follows:

Ini Andan ("the Sky Goddess")
Pandai Nganyam Leka Hujan ("having power to weave the rainfall")
Naya Labuh Keberai ("falling down in drizzles")


Perigi Ini Andan is the pool she bathes in.


This pua kumbu was woven in a contemporary design and may be used as a shawl.

Dimensions: 50 X 180 cm

Weight: 330g

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