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Gula Apong

Gula Apong

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Gula Apong (Palm Sugar) is derived from the Nipah Palm (Nypa Fruticans) commonly found in the coastlines and mangroves of Sarawak.

The sap is harvested by making a cut beneath the flowerhead of mature fruit-bearing palm trees, releasing the sweet liquid which is collected in small bottles or bamboo containers. The sap is then boiled and stirred continuously for several hours until caramalised and thickened into either a sugar syrup or solid sugar. Approximately 10kgs of sap is required to produce a kilo of Gula Apong.

Gula Apong can be described as having a subtle salted caramel flavour.


Contents: 200g; 1000g

Ingredients: pure palm sugar

Origin: Coastal areas of Sarawak


As our items are made in small batches by homemakers we may request for some lead up time for your order to be prepared and delivered. Your patience and understanding is greatly appreciated!

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