Craft Is an art form that has been practiced for centuries, and It encompasses a wide range of creative endeavors that involve the skilled use of materials to create unique and beautiful objects. Both physical and digital content are essential in our quest to allow non-natural audiences to understand and appreciate craft. By providing opportunities to experience craft firsthand and sharing information about it through digital platforms, Tanoti helps to promote and preserve this important art form for future generations.

Our works include:

Tenun Fashion Week

The production of a virtual fashion show and a physical runway show gala dinner featuring the handwoven fashion of 45 weaving communities across Southeast Asia.

Dreams of Cloth & Colour

The production of a mini documentary and a Pua Kumbu video manual for Sarawak Energy Berhad aimd to promote their values and support for the local community, while preserving and promoting traditional knowledge and skills.

Between the Lines: A Rhapsody of Weaves

Art, craft, and music intersected by turning the sounds of weaving equipment into a musical composition. The video celebrates the creativity and ingenuity of the human spirit, and reminds us of the beauty and power of everyday objects.