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Iban Jars

Iban Jars

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These traditional Iban jars are still made using the paddle and anvil technique whereby the artisan crafts the jar out of lumps or coils of clay. The shape of the vessel is created by positioning a round stone on the inside, while smoothing the jar on the outside by hand. Wooden paddles are then used to further shape and smooth the jar. To finish, the jars are often decorated with hand-etched Iban motifs like bunga kelawang, bunga luncung, bunga bunut, bunga mata or bunga terung.
This collection of Iban pots are incredibly unique because every component of their construction came from the vicinity of the artisan’s home. The belian ironwood from the paddles originated from fallen trunks, submerged in the river flowing by the longhouse; the rounded stones were ground and polished by his wife using water and stone; the special clay was extracted from the river bed; the weaved holder was made by rattan harvested from the vines growing in the forest; and firewood was collected from around his home to make the fire to cure the pots.

This entire collection was produced by Master Craftsman and Crafts Living Legend, Andah anak Lembang, of Nanga Sumpa, Sri Aman.

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