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Pua Kumbu : Mata Puna

Pua Kumbu : Mata Puna

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For the longhouse folk, the pigeon is relied on to bear news of war and weather. The Pigeon Eyes or Mata Puna depicted on these tapestries serve to protect their homes and crops. Each pua kumbu is handwoven by a different Weaver, each piece unique.

Handwoven ikat cotton on backstrap loom, using the natural indigo blue dye derived from tarum (Marsdenia tinctoroa) leaves. 

Woven in a contemporary design, these pua kumbu can be used as a throw or ornamental wall hanging.


By Lily Ak Itau : 183 x 176 cm; 950g

By Injan Ak Lekong : 155 x 167 cm; 930g

By Nancy Ak Ngali : 168 x 187 cm; 950g

By Ejan Ak Jepon : 180 x 184 cm; 1.1kg

By Niah Ak Tubai : 180 x 179 cm; 1.1kg

By Jelebai Ak Sumok : 158 x 190 cm; 650g

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